Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Overcoming the Odds: Leticia's Story

Life has been especially difficult for Leticia Gomez. She’s battled addiction and has tried to overcome her past, which includes incarceration.  When she was at her breaking point, struggling to help her nine children and five grandchildren, she discovered JobTrain.  She completed the Office Skills program and has benefited from the wide array of services and resources available at and through JobTrain.  Leticia felt that no one would ever employ her. She feared that she’d never have an opportunity to become self-sufficient and that her past would condemn her future. However, JobTrain counselors worked diligently with her and made concerted efforts to find Leticia employment. 

Today, Leticia returned to JobTrain and said her prayers had been answered. She’s now working at Mi Pueblo and VI Palo Alto. “I am so grateful because I come from a really tough background. I felt the doors were closing in on me. JobTrain gave me the  strength to keep going and to believe in myself. People like me, old and disabled can still get a job. Thank you, JobTrain.” 

Leticia Gomez 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Congresswoman Jackie Speier Inspired by Visit to JobTrain

Congresswoman Jackie Speier recently visited JobTrain.  Speier’s new congressional district now includes part of Menlo Park.  She’s very supportive of President Obama’s platform of stimulating job growth through vocational training programs that will revitalize our economy and get people back to work.  JobTrain, a 501 (c)(3) organization represents the change and direction our country is moving towards by providing FREE vocational training for youth and adults.
"I enjoyed tremendously my most recent visit to JobTrain. Its success is now almost two generations long, and it only gets better each year. The culinary class tempted me with delicious dishes and bread to die for, the computer lab was filled with eager students, and the child care center quiet with little ones taking afternoon naps. JobTrain turns dreams into reality by turning students into skilled employees. Bravo JobTrain! You continue to inspire.” – Congresswoman Speier

The terrific JobTrain Culinary Arts class

Congresswoman Speier tours JobTrain's Clothes Encounter Closet
JobTrain Chairman of the Board Wade Loo, Executive Director Sharon Williams, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Director of Program Operations Alonzo Emery, and Director of Development Susan Boiko 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Google Prepares JobTrain Students for Today's Job Market

JobTrain goes the extra mile. It's the additional support that truly distinguishes our program and transforms the lives of our clients. Whether it's help with a resume or just having someone to talk to, our clients receive one-on-one counseling and life skills training. They are taught the importance of being professional, reliable and hard-working. They learn to be effective communicators and self-motivated problem solvers. When they graduate from JobTrain, they are ready to thrive and impress on day one in their new job.

Our wonderful partners at Google recently led mock interviews on their campus with JobTrain students. Google recruiters volunteered their time, expertise and encouragement to help students gain a competitive edge when speaking with prospective employers. Engaging with recruiters, developing interview techniques and learning how to enhance their resumes with representatives from the world’s leading internet search engine company, are just a few of the many ways that JobTrain prepares students for today’s job market.

Currently pursuing certification in Office Skills, Tina Cherry, was amazed by her experience at Google. “My one-on-one with Janice Buckley changed my life. She was fantastic. Now, I know how to market myself in a competitive way and my confidence level has increased because of what Janice taught me.”

Google is a dynamic partner of JobTrain, and their supportive measures to help our students and our community are greatly appreciated. We’re especially grateful to Kieu-Thu Bui from Google’s People Operations for organizing such an incredible event.