Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Speier Corps Day 2013

Coming Full Circle: JobTrain Students and Staff Give Back to Community 

Today was a terrific and beautiful day in Brisbane. Students from JobTrain’s Medical Office Assistant class joined staff Kail Lubarsky, and dedicated their time to serve their community as part of SPEIER CORPS DAY. We raked debris, pulled weeds and worked extremely hard to transform and beautify the San Bruno Mountain recreation area.

Representatives from Congresswoman Speier’s office, generously thanked JobTrain (we were the only group- aside from individual volunteers) and were invited to join the congresswoman for the next scheduled event on Friday, March 8, 2013 in Pacifica. 

Special thanks to Joy Martin-Spriggs for encouraging her students to participate in this event and teaching them the value of giving back to community. 

Please join me in thanking Joy and her incredible students: Patricia Rivera, Celeste Gonzalez, Chabela Rivera, Irene Soto, Bertha Mendoza and JobTrain alum Tra’cey Duncan for investing their time today.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Transforms Lives

Leveling the Playing Field: Venture Capitalist Russell Pyne Launches JobTrain Boot Camp

Venture capitalist and former JobTrain board member, Russell Pyne, launched a powerful Life Skills Boot Camp at JobTrain last month.  The twenty-session program teaches practical techniques for achieving success, including goal setting, conflict resolution, personal budgeting and anger management. the Boot Camp is fully enrolled with twenty dedicated students.

Life Skills Boot Camp Facilitators Russell Pyne and David Dias 
Students of the First-Ever JobTrain Life Skills Boot Camp!
Russell developed the curriculum with JobTrain student, Alfred Banks. “The whole mission of the boot camp is to level the playing field. Some people have the benefit of growing up being mentored by parents, teachers and bosses. Others have no positive role models. Alfred and I tried to focus on the basic life skills you need to be prepared for the working world,” said Russell.

Graduates of the Boot Camp will be well-equipped to handle real-world challenges that erupt wen work and personal lives collide. Every student will create a Life Plan using PowerPoint and will be on an upward trajectory toward achieving a meaningful and purposeful life. 

"Life Skills Boot Camp is just what I needed. I am so appreciative of the program. I love it and its a wonderful springboard to help me move forward in my life," said current student Linda Kidd.  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Teaching at JobTrain Matters to GED Instructor Sandra Sharp

Fulfilling Dreams... 

After many years working at Apple - most recently as Ipod Operations Director, Sandra Sharp, decided to make a career change that would be more personally rewarding.  She received her Mathematics teaching credential in 2009 and worked at a high school in San Francisco prior to joining JobTrain in 2011.

As a youth GED instructor at JobTrain, Sandra is very focused on creating a learning environment that is welcoming and supportive of each student’s needs.  As a result of this individualized instruction and encouragement the graduation rate has accelerated, with 10 youth completing their GED in the last six months ending in December!

Currently student LaSaundra Brown said, "I've had many struggles with math in the past. Sandra has been ready and willing to help me on a moment's notice. I've never had such help before. Earning my GED will bring a sense of pride and a belief that I can do anything!"

Watch Interview with Sandra Sharp!

JobTrain GED Instructor Sandra Sharp, helps student LaSaundra Brown

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Impact of Facebook in Our Community

Facebook + JobTrain + Mouse Squad = Empowering Youth Through Technology

JobTrain staff and students were both present and pleased, when the Menlo Park City Council unanimously approved Facebook's term sheet for expansion of their West Campus on Tuesday, January 22, 2013.
Facebook’s new foundation gave a total of $200,000 to 42 non-profits in Menlo Park and East Palo Alto in early January of this year.  JobTrain received $4,500 to implement Mouse Squad at our facility.  Mouse Squad of California Student Tech Leadership is an innovative youth development organization that empowers students to provide technology leadership and support in their schools and communities.
Mouse Squad provides youth with access to technology-based opportunities intended to motivate students to succeed in today’s information driven society.  It is a perfect contemporary component to JobTrain’s SASSY (School After School for Successful Youth) program. Participants will be eligible to earn up to 12 elective high school credits for the course.  Mouse Squad will launch at JobTrain later in February.
Facebook has been an outstanding neighbor and continuously exemplifies its commitment to rebuilding and strengthening communities. 

Facebook Director of Global Real Estate John Tenanes & JobTrain Stuents

Menlo Park Mayor Peter Ohtaki & JobTrain Students "Like" Facebook  

Student Profile: Shakeem Williams

Why Studying at JobTrain Matters to Me... 

"I am proud to be a JobTrain student, studying Computer Service Technology. JobTrain gives me an opportunity to achieve my goals and pursue dreams that I’ve established for myself. 
For me, JobTrain makes my dreams manifest, even while I am asleep. The added support of family and my environment, prove to me that all things are possible. I attend JobTrain so I can be as successful as I know my potential will allow." -Shakeem Williams