Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jose Rojas - JobTrain Success Story

Jose Rojas represents the "spirit" of JobTrain.

After graduating from their Culinary Arts program in April 2009, he began working at Woodside Terrace as a dishwasher. His professionalism and strong work ethic led to promotion as Assistant Chef - in just one year.

Today, Jose Rojas returned to JobTrain with a major announcement. He's relocating to Mexico and pursuing his dream of opening a specialty dessert restaurant! He credits Chef Adam Weiner for always encouraging him to fulfill his potential and honor his dreams.

In addition to sharing the great news, Jose also came to JobTrain to find his replacement at Woodside Terrace and to advise of (2) other employment opportunities. He said, "JobTrain has been so good to me. It's really the best place to discover your dreams. I want to return what JobTrain has done for me and help current students with job placement."

We all wish Jose the very best!

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  1. Job train has been great for me and Chef Adam is my Guru. Learning Culinary Arts has always been my life long dream and Job train (OICW) made it possible for me. Not a day passes when I don't think and thank Job train and Chef Adam Weiner. Hope Job Train work programs and Chef Adam keep showing the right path to everybody's future and success!