Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mary Thompson Receives JobTrain's Highest Honor!

Congratulations to OUR Newest Trainee of the Month: Mary Thompson!

On September 14, 2012, Mary Thompson received JobTrain's highest honor and was recognized as their Trainee of the Month.

Mary first came to the GED class eight months ago at JobTrain. Pursuing her education has been a lifetime dream. While Mary helped her children to fulfill their dreams and attend college, she patiently waited for her time to come. Whereas her children were afforded the opportunity of studying in the United States, Mary was denied access to education where she lived in Ghana. In her village, the girls stayed home, learned domestic arts and were very entrepreneurial - even without formal education - to make financial ends meet.

Despite a lack of formal education, Mary did a wonderful job, with her husband's assistance, preparing their children to lead successful lives. Although she imparted much wisdom to them, she was unable to help them with their homework.

According to Mary's JobTrain instructor, Karen Lundberg: "This student doesn't just attend both the morning and afternoon sessions of GED, she comes back (often stays straight through) for the evening class from 6-9 on Tuesday and Thursday nights. She is always one of the first ones here and the last to leave. A spigot of knowledge has been opened for her and she wants to drink deeply of it."

Be sure to watch the video of today's Trainee of the Month ceremony by clicking HERE

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