Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stanford University Design Team Launches Special Project at JobTrain

On Tuesday, January 8, 2012, students from Stanford University launched the first day of their design course at JobTrain. Approximately 72 Stanford and JobTrain students participated in the innovative and fun design project. 

JobTrain staff and students were paired with Stanford students and conducted interviews with each other in order to learn more about one another. The objective was to gather as much information and data in order to design a wallet, customized to their partner's specific needs.

Materials utilized to create the customized wallets included paper, tape, post-it notes, cards, markers and pipe cleaners. 

Each team had the opportunity to share their prototype with their classmates.  

It was a terrific exercise and we look forward to partnering with Stanford again. 

Our special thanks to our wonderful partners at Stanford Erica Estrada-Liou, Steve Hilton, Sarah Stein Greenberg and Sally Madsen, for facilitating and organizing this special event.

 Click HERE to watch Optometric Innovation at JobTrain!

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