Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Page Full of Memories: JobTrain's Unbelievable Day at Facebook!

Fifteen lucky JobTrain students, staff and alumni awoke this morning with smiles plastered on their faces from yesterday’s unbelievable Facebook experience. They received an exclusive tour of the social media giant’s sprawling campus, which now employs more than 4,000 individuals.  

JobTrain "tagged" the wall before flashing the Facebook "LIKE."
Facebook’s Sustainability and Community Outreach Manager Lauren Swezey, and Facilities Administrative Assistant Nikki Zeiter, provided an extraordinary tour that included behind the scenes access to the daily operations occurring at Facebook. JobTrain saw visiting engineers from Europe and Southeast Asia convening at headquarters.  However, the most recognizable and exciting engineer seen was Mark Zuckerberg! He was calm, casual and completely down-to-earth, walking the campus in his signature tee shirt and jeans.

Facebook’s renovation is close to completion according to Lauren Swezey. Their atmosphere is inviting, and has a distinct “Disneyland meets college vibe to it,” said JobTrain graduate Stephanie O’Dowd.  The ironic part is that the perception is based in truth.  Representatives from the "Happiest Place on Earth," came up to Facebook to discuss the street concept, "which is reminiscent of Downtown Disney,” relayed Swezey.

Lauren Swezey stands alongside Sunny Sharma.
Our hospitable Facebook community ambassadors, invited JobTrain to enjoy the same amenities provided to their employees. A trip to their micro kitchen, a stroll down to their cafeteria and a delectable indulgence at their “Sweet Stop,” which featured the most amazingly delicious frozen yogurt, soft serve ice cream and decadent assortment of chocolate treats.   

Further, JobTrain took pride in seeing two recent graduates in action working at Facebook.  Sunreet “Sunny” Sharma, recently received his certification in Culinary Arts, and is now contracted through Flagship and helps prepare some of the approximate 8,000 meals which Facebook provides to their employees daily. Christopher Smith, graduated from Office Skills, also contracted through Flagship, works as a Facebook security officer.
JobTrain PROUDLY dons the signature Facebook attire!
 Unequivocally, Facebook, goes beyond connecting people and transcends towards transforming lives. This is especially evident in the case of contracting work to JobTrain graduates and sponsorship of JobTrain’s special events, which facilitate providing critical vocational training programs at no cost to the community’s most in need.

JobTrain was the first non-profit in Menlo Park that Facebook provided financial support to. Since 2011, the company has remained an extraordinary and dynamic partner. JobTrain is incredibly proud and grateful of our relationship with Facebook.

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